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June 10, 2013

Today items from our premium Virtualization Hosted product inventory have been listed on These products might be seen by visiting  link.

Currently no discounted prices are being offered for these items. However, a new sales compaign is scheduled week before 4th of July, 2013. We plan to offer up to 20% discounts on all VPS products listed on

Soon, we also will be adding items from our Dedicated Hosting inventory on Amazon and these products also will be subject of the same Independance Day promotional compagn.

Utility Partners of America our most recent customer

April 26, 2013

We are proud to announce that another great company joined EZ Get Cloud as our new customer. This time it is Utility Partners of America (

As a leading utility solutions provider, Utility Partners of America (UPA) delivers an optimized solution - and compelling economics - for AMR and AMI smart meter deployments, demand response, in-home devices, electric vehicle charging installation, network communications, home services, leak detection and other energy outreach programs. UPA supports utilities, municipalities and device manufacturers with project management, scalable resources and back office support.

UPA started with a small deployment targeting its Development environment, first. However, Customer shared with us their plans yet soon to add more infrastracture servers facilitating production implementation for a number of innovative projects.

Wynn Health joined us as a new client

March 29, 2013

Another great company joined us as our new customer. This time it is Wynn Health Insurance Agency ( Customer's brief info: "Wynn Health focuses diligently on ​health insurance, dental insurance, and employee benefits. The Agency currently serves over 25 USA states".

EZ Get Cloud will be hosting the Customer's automated calling center that utilizes Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. Managed services are provided out of a Data Center located in North New Jersey. We are looking into a much more complex deployment once initial implementation fully satisfies Wynn Health from a network performance perspective.

Price Reporter is a new client

January 31, 2013

We are proud to announce that our new client, Price Reporter Inc ( goes life as of today. The Customer entrusted his IT environment, production and development, to EZ Get Cloud and it has been deployed in a Data Center located in North New Jersey.

Customer's brief info: "Price Reporter offers a unique turnkey price management and E-Catalog administration solution for GSA Advantage and DOD E-Mall vendors. It includes a number of unique services which make process of selling on GSA Advantage very easy and profitable experience".

While started with a modest size of deployment Senior Management at Price Reporter keeps working on several important GSA and DOD projects that will lead to significant scale up their entire IT infrastructure in a near future.

One more Data Center added

January 7, 2013

EZ Get Cloud keeps on expanding its managed service operations further. Today was announced one more Data Center has been added to the list of locations out where we serve our customers. This one is located in Clifton, New Jersey and operated by FORTRESS ITX Company (

This data center is power driven by various levels of security, a pre-action fire suppression system, disaster proof infrastructure, cooling systems, around-the-clock monitoring and management, and furnished with an uninterruptible power supply system. It utilizes one of the fastest and most reliable Internet backbones in the industry with multiple points of redundancy and all Tier1 Providers. Data center gets its multi Gigabit bandwidth network through two independent POP's 111th NYC and 165 Halsey (Equinix) NJ while hosting a number of network routers, load ballancers, firewalls, Internet servers, and switches, data center can accommodate private cages, large server farms, and suites.