Private Cloud Offering

For Cloud Computing offerings technology of our choice is CloudStack/CloudPlatform powered by Citrix Systems Inc. Although, the Platform is Hypervisor agnostic we deploy Clouds based on Citrix XenServer Hypervisor as this one offers most features in terms of functionality and integration options. CloudPlatform is a commercial version of CloudStack, though both products use the same code base as it is stated by Citrix.

CIO, CTO and IT managers of company IT Department may look into Private Cloud implementation targeting the following:

  • better utilization of currently owned assets
  • shorter time to provision the computing resources
  • improved security and access control management
  • facilitated self-provisioning service to employees
  • easy way for inter departmental accounting and billing
  • convenient way to monitor resource utilization
  • better approach with capacity management

For those who is interested to learn more about features and benefits that Cloud Computing may offer we refer to relevant Wiki pages. 

There are several options Customers looking at with Private Cloud deployment:

- Private Cloud on premises, hosted by Customer in its own Data Center

- Private Cloud off premises, hosted by EZ Get Cloud in our Data Center

First option normally assumes not only Customer's data center will be used but all the hardware required by design is also has to be provided. Customer keeps having both type of expenditures, Capital and Operational. Though, an existing asset base might be used as well along with newly acquired assets. Second option means that Customer faces operational expenditures (OpEx) only. Hosted Service Provider, such as EZ Get Cloud, is responsible not only for a Data Center space and Network but for all the assets Cloud infrastructure is built on as well.

Since it is impossible to imagine what kind of deployment our potential customers may desire for their IT infrastructure it is adequately difficult to estimate a cost of such a deployment. However, at the end of the day no matter how deployment will scale it gets boiled down to the spec of hardware or software assets such as servers, storage, switches, firewalls and routers. The more computing power is required the more complex spec of this things is. Not all of the components have to be bare metal items in such a list with Cloud solution based on CloudStack/CloudPlatform. A lot of infrastructure functional components such as routers, load ballancers, DHCP Server and internal DNS are being implemented as Service Virtual Machines as oppose to Guest Virtual Machines. The later essentially are Computing Offerings to be used by customer's various business units to run their core services and applications.

As a result, we have to work along with Customer to architecture solution that meets all the requirements prior to putting together a Business Proposal containing a cost of Private Cloud deployment. For those who are interested please contact our Sales Department.