Hybrid Cloud Offering

In addition to Private Cloud Offering there is another more complex Cloud implementation called Hybrid Cloud. In fact, Hybrid Cloud is a combination of a Private Cloud hosted either on or off premises to be used with Computing Offerings purchased out of any Public Cloud such as AWS powered by Amazon.com.

A simple example of implementation when customers may require such a solution is keeping web sites of Company's on-line services in a Public Cloud while an entire back-end (Application and Database servers) is still being deployed within an IT Department's Intranet boundaries. Another way to have these both Cloud mixed is to configure a solution when web services are automatically scaled out or scaled in depending on the current work load while insufficient computing power is being leased from within a Public Cloud's IaaS on as needed basis.

In this case, entire deployment should be engineered down to the fine details prior to discussing its bottom line cost as results may vary depending on customers' particular requirements. EZ Get Cloud will work with our prospective clients all the way from architecture design of a Hybrid Cloud solution through Production deployment. Please contact our Sales Department with your specific requests.