About Us

EZ Get Cloud

EZ Get Cloud is fully owned subsidiaries of EZ Ping Networks Inc. which was founded in May of 2008 and incorporated in the state of New York on February 2, 2010. Owners are IT professionals with a broad experience in the Industry. We dedicated our lives either working in Corporate sector or running various businesses in multiple Data Centers across the United States. At different times we served in or provided service to Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Government Agencies as well as Private and Public Entrepreneurial Firms. Among our former and current clients we can name very famous ones, most of which are Companies on Fortune 500 or Global 500 list.

Early in 2012 was decided that EZ Get Cloud will be mostly focused on providing Cloud Computing solutions, from Private and Hybrid Cloud and even Virtual Private Cloud to Public Cloud with a reach selection of IaaS services such as but not limited to multiple Computing, Storage and Network Offerings. Number of different technologies available on the market and from Open Source were thoroughly evaluated and finally Citrix CloudPlatform was nominated as a "technology of the choice". First Cloud Zone from EZ Get Cloud is going to be deployed in a state of the art Data Center located in North New Jersey that was also evaluated and tested from its Network Services quality perspective.

At EZ Get Cloud we see our mission as IT Managed Service Provider or Internet Service Provider for Mid-Size businesses, a big sector of business often time overlooked while being focused on needs of Small Businesses or targeting Corporate Sector. Though, we don't limit our targeting audience in any sense and offer our help and service to anyone who is on track with a modern technology and run business heavily relying on IT services and infrastructures.

Because of the geographical location of our offices, in daily operations we are mostly focused on New York City Metro area. Though, due to the nature of technology and our relationships with partners and different data centers across the country and abroad we are capable of providing our services everywhere in the United States and even world wide. In fact, at EZ Get Cloud we are very proud that we are getting ready not only for witnessing a sunrise of a new era called Cloud Computing but being able to contribute something useful to make it happen day or two sooner.