One more Data Center added

January 7, 2013

EZ Get Cloud keeps on expanding its managed service operations further. Today was announced one more Data Center has been added to the list of locations out where we serve our customers. This one is located in Clifton, New Jersey and operated by FORTRESS ITX Company (

This data center is power driven by various levels of security, a pre-action fire suppression system, disaster proof infrastructure, cooling systems, around-the-clock monitoring and management, and furnished with an uninterruptible power supply system. It utilizes one of the fastest and most reliable Internet backbones in the industry with multiple points of redundancy and all Tier1 Providers. Data center gets its multi Gigabit bandwidth network through two independent POP's 111th NYC and 165 Halsey (Equinix) NJ while hosting a number of network routers, load ballancers, firewalls, Internet servers, and switches, data center can accommodate private cages, large server farms, and suites.