Prices reduced by 10% on all Dedicated Server models

Oct 13, 2013

Starting Friday all Dedicated Server specs monthly service prices were reduced by 10% or even more in some cases. This action is part of Company's initiative on pricing policy optimization taken on a wide range of products and services. Earlier this month Dedicated Server offerings were upgraded by adding one free trouble ticket a month and /29 (5 usable IP's) for all server models for the same price. All existing customers were also upgraded to bring their service agreements in sync with current offerings. Bottom line, these steps aim to increase sales as better prices allow us to be ahead of our competitors on such a tight market as Hosting Services and Solutions.

As a result of this initiative we have seen increase in new orders and subsequent recurring revenue increase. New customers ordered our dedicated server hosted service in few days after 10% price drop was announced. Sales Department at EZ Get Cloud closely monitors sales statistics, their correlation with different pricing models and will keep improving price optimization approach for our customers' benefits.