New offering, Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server

Feb 8, 2014

Starting today EZ Get Cloud begins offering a new product, Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server, as a part of Corporate Services suite of products. It comes in two majpr options:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Both options are bandled for 25 accounts, each has 5MB mailbox size and priced at $250.00 and $350.00 a month, accordingly. Though, initially for Exchange Server 2010 only quoterly subscription available. Customers may place an order on-line by visiting Corporate Services order pages at

Very soon another corporate service will be added to the list, Corporate FTP server. Please come back to our web site at early springtime if you are looking for such a service or contact our Sales Department if you cannot wait.

Prices reduced by 10% on all Dedicated Server models

Oct 13, 2013

Starting Friday all Dedicated Server specs monthly service prices were reduced by 10% or even more in some cases. This action is part of Company's initiative on pricing policy optimization taken on a wide range of products and services. Earlier this month Dedicated Server offerings were upgraded by adding one free trouble ticket a month and /29 (5 usable IP's) for all server models for the same price. All existing customers were also upgraded to bring their service agreements in sync with current offerings. Bottom line, these steps aim to increase sales as better prices allow us to be ahead of our competitors on such a tight market as Hosting Services and Solutions.

As a result of this initiative we have seen increase in new orders and subsequent recurring revenue increase. New customers ordered our dedicated server hosted service in few days after 10% price drop was announced. Sales Department at EZ Get Cloud closely monitors sales statistics, their correlation with different pricing models and will keep improving price optimization approach for our customers' benefits.

New Client Portal

Aug 2, 2013

Yesterday EZ Get Cloud has officially launched a new Client Portal. Its URL was also added to Company's web site New and existing customers will benefit from getting an access to its Client Area and will be able to perform a variety of house keeping tasks. Among these there are such functions as:
• Order new service(s)
• Decomission no longer needed service(s)
• Use Live Chat service to reach out to different departments
• Create and update Customer Support trouble tickets

New Client Portal is fully integrated with an automated Billing and Trouble Ticket systems. "Our existing and new customers will greatly benefit from launching myPortal service earlier in August 2013. MyPortal will make not only our life at EZ Get Cloud easier going forward. All our customer will be happy too. They will get an instant access to 24x7 Customer Support, Knowledge Base, monitoring service and much more..." said Alex Sergio, CEO at EZ Get Cloud on the meeting devoted to celebration of this important milestone.

Client Portal is now accessible through either main menu "Client Portal" option or by directly visiting its URL

This is all about right business model

July 16, 2003

The way companies treat their customers means a lot. In fact, often times it means all. If ones business model has been built around customer care, making customer happy and giving customer all the options available to make feel peace of mind it always pays back. Sooner or later this kind of relationships built on prowess customer support starts bringing you new businesses as well as enhancing on top of existing one. There is nothing new in this statement, of course. Though, it's not that easy to keep staying focused on this mission, making sure business model declaration remains not just an advertisement buzz.

EZ Get Cloud employs "buy and try" business model to attract new customers. This model was widely utilized by at later stages of its evolution. The goal of such a model is really give a prospective client peace of mind feeling when they are taking some risk to entrust their IT services to a new Hosting Provider. It's always a risk that company can make another mistake with such a choice as last time, which is a reason the business decided to switch from its current provider. How to make this transition as smooth as possible? Our hassle free business model designed to help in such a situation.

Once new customer feels comfortable with quality of service provided by EZ Get Cloud, second part of our business model comes into play. This is prowess customer support. Whatever help is needed with Hosted or Managed IT services customer support at EZ Get Cloud takes on these tasks and challenges. As a result all customers are satisfied and some of them keep on expanding their services with EZ Get Cloud. Among these are Utility Partners of America and Price Reporter Inc. that grew up in terms of their presence in our data centers throughout last month.

EZ Get Cloud recently got new customers too. One of them is Web Studio XS, Web Design Company from New York

Utility Partners of America keeps on expanding

June 10, 2013

Utility Partners of America ( has successfully rolled out their production environment for the fist project the customer used EZ Get Cloud as its Hosted Service Provider.

Right after this happened UPA started expanding their hosted services by adding new systems to their Development Site. It obviously means the Customer is satisfied with the service quality he has been provided as well as actual SLA's of Hosted Services it is getting at this location.

Business owners have expressed overall satisfaction and started discussion on the matters that imply even broader EZ Get Cloud involvement. This may lead to deployment of a Hosted Private Cloud in Q3 2013 as UPA's first Cloud Zone.